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Wi-Fi on the Shop Floor


Wi-Fi Network That’s Fast, Stable, Scalable, and Secure

Empowering the mobile-first workplace. Today, nearly everything from handhelds and printers to timeclocks, workstations, and shop floor equipment connects to the internet, and many of these “things” are mobile, making wireless connectivity essential.


While there are many Wi-Fi vendors, we’ve found Cisco Meraki to be a perfect fit for warehouse, manufacturing, and other demanding environments for several reasons. Meraki products provide top-notch security (verified by a third-party cybersecurity company), scalability, stability, customized user groupings, and excellent device and user visibility via a cloud-enabled dashboard.


The Meraki + EMS advantage. Customers that buy Meraki wireless solutions from EMS gain the following added benefits:


  • Your Meraki equipment will come preconfigured to connect to your Global Shop certified hardware and your Global Shop software instance. Additionally, all security features will be activated and optimized for your environment.

  • EMS will create, configure, test, and troubleshoot the VPN connection between the Meraki security appliance and the Global Shop AWS cloud server.

  • EMS adds a virtual appliance to the Global Shop server, ensuring 100% VPN uptime and allowing additional business locations to connect more easily.

  • EMS will manage all software and firmware updates.

  • All Meraki equipment will be backed by the EMS 3-Year TCO (total cost of ownership) guarantee1 and includes an overnight replacement if a device fails.

Global Shop Certified Hardware
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