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The EMS Difference

Focusing on what matters most for your project's success!

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Hardware with a Difference

What we know about you: Your company took a bold step in investing in your operational efficiency with Global Shop ERP software. Chances are you were frustrated with the operational inefficiencies and inaccuracies of relying on handwritten notes or spreadsheets to manage inventory and work orders. You probably also realized that trying to piecemeal multiple apps together couldn’t give you the real-time data visibility needed to grow your business and improve the customer experience.


What we want you to know about us:  EMS Barcode Solutions understands what you’re going through – we’ve helped hundreds of Global Shop customers optimize their ERP investment, and we look forward to assisting you.


Working with us is different from other companies you may have worked with in the past:


  • Global Shop certified – We test and vet dozens of products. Then, after selecting the best ones, we take the extra step to certify them, ensuring all of our solutions work right out of the box with your Global Shop software – guaranteed

  • 3-Year TCO (total cost of ownership) guarantee – After your initial purchase, you’ll have no additional hardware, support, or service fees for the next 3 years – guaranteed.

  • Lifetime support – Many of our customers get additional years of productivity from their devices after the product warranty expires, but we’re still here for you to provide support. In addition, we offer affordable repair services and can get you a replacement device quickly whenever needed.

Some additional EMS differences include:


  • Expert support – When you contact us, you’ll talk to someone with 20+ years of industry experience

  • Security minded – EMS configures each device and user profile for optimal security and user-friendliness

  • Implementation assurance – Every solution comes with an hour of one-on-one setup instructions to familiarize users with critical features and ensure everything works properly

  • Step-by-step training – We offer illustrated, easy-to-follow guides to reinforce training and simplify troubleshooting

Global Shop Certified Hardware
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