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Workstations for the Shop Floor

Convert the shop floor from estimates & historical data to actual real-time information showing the pulse of the shop floor

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Workstations for the Shop Floor: What Gets Measured Gets Improved

Why a workstation is a shop floor must. If you’re running your shop floor from handwritten notes and estimates, it costs you more than you realize – probably way more. We worked with a 100-employee manufacturer of emergency vehicles that purchased 15 workstations to give shop floor workers and managers a real-time view of works in progress, job costing estimates, and other fundamental data points associated with their respective departments. After 90 days, every department saw an average 12% increase in efficiency, resulting in monthly labor savings of more than 2,700 hours – nearly 33,000 hours a year. You can read more about it here.

Powerful computing in a small form factor. EMS uses a mini PC, which is mounted on the back of the display. While small in size, these devices are big on performance, such as Intel i5 8th Gen processors, 128 GB SSD hard drives, 802.11ac Wi-Fi, the latest Windows Pro OS, and 10 connection ports. Learn More



The EMS difference. As a Global Shop certified provider, we preconfigure each workstation to work seamlessly with your Global Shop software from day one. We also take extra steps to standardize each station, ensuring they’re secure and optimized for work. We add icons and shortcuts to make accessing work orders, productivity reports, and other business applications easier while restricting internet access, download capabilities, and other non-work activities and minimizing security vulnerabilities.  Learn More


Time tracking. The time clock feature is one of the most popular uses of our workstations, not just to enable employees to clock in/out for their shifts but also to log on/off of work orders. Depending on your needs and infrastructure, we offer a time clock that has an option of a barcode scanner or an RFID badge reader. You can learn more about this by clicking here > certified time clock for Global Shop Solutions


Add a second monitor to gain additional value. Many of our customers have seen excellent results by adding a second monitor to their workstations to view diagrams and documents or use it to view a GSS dashboard. Could displaying real-time data on the shop floor provide transparency and improved efficiency to your business? Yes, it can. Contact us to learn more.

Global Shop Certified Hardware
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