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GSS-M1PLUS Mobile Computer Kit

GSS-M1PLUS Mobile Computer Kit


GSS-M1PLUS-KIT:  A Must-Have for Your Forklift Drivers


Do your drivers have to get off their forklifts to read barcodes or drive right up to a pallet and lean outside the vehicle to get a good scan? Do your shop workers have to climb ladders to perform cycle counts? Or worse, are your employees hand-writing bin numbers and typing data into a computer? Without the right solution, these tasks can waste time, pose safety risks, hurt morale and increase the chances of product or equipment damage.


The GSS-M1-Plus long-range 2D industrial mobile computer can scan product up to 50 feet away (and close-up, too), eliminating hand-written notes and reducing trips up and down forklifts and ladders. Not only will your productivity increase, but so will your inventory and order accuracy—and employee job satisfaction.

  • GSS-M1PLUS Kit Components

    The Certified Kit Includes Everything for a 3-Year Total Cost of Ownership

    • Rugged Long-Range 2-D Mobile Computer & Battery
    • Pistol Grip
    • Protective Rubber Boot
    • Global Shop Configured with 50+ Settings
    • Program to Lock Device
    • 3-Year Warranty - Includes Accidental Damage
    • Charging Cradle with Power Supply & USB Cable
    • Additional High Capacity Battery (Minimum 12 Working Hours)
    • Support from a Global Shop Certified Hardware Technician
    • Access to Step-by-Step Training Guides
    • One Hour of One-On-One Device Setup

    After your initial purchase, you’ll have no additional mobile hardware, support, or service fees for the next 3 years—guaranteed. Many of our customers get two or three additional years of productivity out of their devices after the product warranty. And even then, we’re still here for you. We offer affordable repair services and can get you a replacement device quickly whenever needed.



Global Shop Certified Hardware
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